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Organic Farm and Cacao Tour


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Up in the Hill is our organic farm, situated on the highest hill on Bastimentos Island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. From here we have 360 degrees panoramic view of all the surrounding islands. You can get to us by walking up from the town of Old Bank or from Wizard Beach, its 20 minutes either way.

We started the farm in 2002. Before, it was mainly cow pastures with a small cacao and coconut plantation.

We are an eco-friendly farm and hold great respect for the environment, our energy is provided through solar panels and we have a rain catchment system- Here at our shop and home as well as the guest cabins.

Fresh spring water is our back up in the dry season.

We recycle plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass. All of our compost is turned into organic waste.

A very high percentage of the wood we use in the construction of our shop and cabins comes from our own reforestation project. We have local woods such as Laurel, Nispero and Cedar growing in large quantity here on our farm.


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See Our Photos

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Take a Tour of Our Organic Farm!


Learn about Permaculture, Tropical Trees, Plants & Flowers, Sustainable Life, Chocolate Process, Frogs, Birds, & Nature!

2 Hour Tour $25/person includes: tasting & a snack! Starts at 11am

Download the Flyer
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